10 Health Benefits Of Unripe plantain in pregnancy That You Didn’t Know

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1. Serves as a major way to fight nausea 

Many pregnant women suffer from nausea and easily get sick from different smells. Plantains have no smell and they can be taken without fear of vomiting.

2. Serves as a mechanism for Anaemia treatment

Many pregnant women suffer from anemia. Making unripe plantain a part of your meals is a good idea since this plant is rich in vitamin B6. This is a great way to avoid anemia problems and treat neuritis. 

3. Healthier heart

The plant is rich in different folates (niacin, thiamin etc.) and this is good for the baby. Besides, it contains potassium and this element is responsible for better blood pressure as well as a healthier heartbeat.

4. Provides Protection to the kidneys

The fruit can be used as a natural diuretic. In other words, it can improve the urinary function. This, in its turn, can protect your kidneys from various issues while you are pregnant. 

5. Serves as Great source of energy

The starch included in plantain fruit offers a natural source of energy. It is important to stay energetic during pregnancy.

6. Helps in Digestion 

Better digestion thanks to the dietary fiber component contained in plantain.

7. Serves as a Natural constipation treatment

This is possible thanks to the dietary fiber. Cooking and eating plantains during pregnancy can improve the bowel movement and provide incredible relief while you are expecting a child. 

8. Bones strengthening

Being a minerals’ source, plantains can be eaten to ensure the baby gets good healthy bones. Such minerals as magnesium and iron are important during pregnancy. Phosphorous is also must-take to help the child develop and stay healthier. 

9. Serves as Immune system booster

The vitamins A and C contained in the fruit are act like antioxidants, protecting cells from being damaged and neutralizing the free radicals. This all improves and even boosts your immunity.

10. Helps in Skin health improvement

Since plantain is rich in the vitamin A, you can improve your skin and make it healthier. The same vitamin is great for your eyes too.

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