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Founded on the: 9th-January-2022 

Infinity loaded is Nigeria’s NO. 1 News & Entertainment Website, it is your one stop platform that brings the Nigerian community and groups together to offer a range of activities, services and so many others. It is a start up platform that connects entrepreneurs to customers that may be looking for their products or services with its free business listing, product listing, and website listing. We also specialize on publishing of online news, trending gist, celebrity’s gossips, sports and entertainment stories. It is also a forum based platform for discussions as well as questions and answers platform and free ads listing platform. We also specialize on building and designing of high quality websites at affordable rates. We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment for all. We treat everyone with respect because we believe healthy debates are natural but kindness is required. In line with this, this platform is also designed for netizens to ask questions from any field of endeavours using the categories created to blend with the questions to be asked while others have the liberty and freelance to prover quality and legit answers to such questions. Furthermore, business owners all over the world can have their businesses listed for free on this platform in order that they can reach a wider audience both locally and internationally.

Merchants, producers, wholesalers, retailers and various vendors of legitimate products can have their products and services listed on this platform at zero cost (free of charge) which will go a long way to widen your reach, sales and high profit turnover. Ads involving s*x toys, s*x tapes, cigarettes, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, cannabis, Indian hemp etc are highly prohibited on this platform. To list your business on Infinity Loaded please use the add your business link

To list your ads use the publish your ads link

To ask relevant, legitimate and important questions please use the ask a question link

Bloggers too seeking to get a wider reach and boost their SEO rankings can also avail themselves of this magnificent opportunity to get their blog sit listed on this platform all at a zero cost. So what are you waiting for? It’s as simple as ABC. It begins with signing up

Infinity Loaded Ads formats include:

Text Ads

Video Ads

 Sponsored Ads & Many More.

Prohibited ads on Infinity Loaded include:

»»Ads with adult content(s).

»»Ads Inciting Racism.

»»Ads Inciting Nepotism.

»»Ads inciting hard drugs such as cocaine, Tobacco, Heroin & all other manner of Narcotics.

»»Ads inciting Electoral Campaigns. 

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