18 Very Important Things To Teach Your Wards/Son From A Very Tender Age

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1. Teach your kids about communication, critical thinking, and how to manage their emotions.
2. Be a responsible father and you’ll get respect from your kids and spouse. Don’t show them weakness.
3. Talk to your son that no one is coming to save him only he can.
4. Instill discipline in your girl child and help her build that inner beauty of a woman (good character) which is the only thing that can determine how long she can keep a man or how long she can remain in her husbands house.
5. At a young age, teach your kids to take responsibility. Without it, they’ll never become responsible adults.
6. Don’t teach your kids to be perfect, teach them how to learn from mistakes.
7. Teach your kids how to think, not what to think.
8. Teach your son that, the only two things that can ruin him are drugs and women, teach him how to handle both.
9. Teach your kids that life is not a zero-sum game. Approaching their worries is the secret to a more promising life.
10. Never abandon your kids when it gets hard, that’s when they need you the most.
11. Don’t rely on the school to teach your kids about financial literacy. Talk to them about money, business, and success at a young age.
12. Your kids don’t need a bigger home, all they need is love and a responsible dad.
13. Spend at least an hour a day together with your spouse talking about personal dreams and plans.
14. Never argue with your wife in front of the kids. When the father respects his wife the kids respect their parents.
15. Affirm to them that all emotions are valid but not all emotions are correct. They need to feel and then test them.
16. Love your family for who they are, not for whom you want them to be.
17. Teach your son that men aren’t defined by their height, beard, or wallet, but by the content of their character.
18. Teach them that life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating the best self version.

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