Comprehensive Guidelines For Producing Soda Soap

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Items needed for the job include:
•Caustic soda (1kg)
•Red Palm oil (6 litres)
•Water (3 litres)
•Robin blue for whiter (optional)
•Colour (optional)
•Perfume (optional)

Procedures to be adopted include:

°Dissolve the caustic soda with 3 litres of water and soak it for 1 day.
°Bleach the palm oil (fry the palm oil on fire) until it turns white use paper to check if it is done.
°Put the pot down from the fire and allow it to cool.
°Now pour the caustic soda solution into the warm bleached palm oil and stir immediately and continuously until it becomes smooth.
°Robin blue can also be added to make it whiter.
°Add your colour and perfume as you desired.
°Now your soda soap is ready to pour into a cups or moulds.
°After pouring..allow them to set for some hours.
Please kindly note:
That when you are adding colour to your sodà soap, no need of putting Robin blue again.

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