11 Ways To Train An Aggressive Dog Against Intruders And Strangers

11 Ways To Train An Aggressive Dog Against Intruders And Strangers, 11 Ways To Train An Aggressive Dog Against Intruders And Strangers, INFINITY LOADED
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1. Excersise the dog at night and feed it raw mince meat pasta and dry food.

2. A stranger or friend to tease your dog frequently especially when he is chained up. Grab a stick or ropes to tease the chained dog. Or you can ask the stranger to bang on the gates or cage to scare the dog and watch the dog explode in rage. In time this technique will make the dog more alert and more aggressive. He will begin to hate strangers and be more protective.

3. Mistreat your dog. A little mistreatment will not hurt your dog. Instead this will make him less sociable. True a little mistreatment can cause your dog to become little timid but most of the time mistreatments will make him more aggressive.

4. Abruptly reach for your dog or its collar and pull it. This makes your dog become irritated and more aggressive. Jerk the collar or leash or use it in a forceful manner every now and then. Disturb your dog when it’s resting, sleeping, or lying in front of a door . This will make him more alert.

5. Encourage your dog to chase or attack other animals. If possible tease the dog with other animals.

6 . Chain your dog. This is by far the best way to make a dog become more aggressive. I dare to say that this method alone can turn your dog into a mad dog. A dog kept chained alone in one spot for hours, days, months, or even years becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and highly aggressive. Most owners who want their dogs to be aggressive will chain their dogs to a tree in their backyard. If you do not want to chain your dog. Then lock it up in an area that he has no interaction with the outside world only through gates or bars. This will make the dog go insane and therefore become more aggressive. Many dog owners chain their dog during the day and let them lose at night.

A dog in a cage will develope cage rage. A chained dog, unable to take flight, often feels forced to fight, attacking any unfamiliar animal or person who unwittingly wanders into his or her territory.

Remember to make sure the dogs chains or cage gates are not lose or open. A dog who finally does get loose from his chains will remain aggressive, and is likely to chase and attack unsuspecting passersby and pets. Leaving a dog on a chain and ignoring him is how to raise an aggressive dog. Aggressive dogs can’t distinguish between a threat and a family friend, because they are not used to people. Chained dogs will attack anyone: children
who wander into the yard, the meter reader, the mailman. This is by far the number one way to make your dog more aggressive.

7. Rough and aggressive play is the key to making your dog more
aggressive So as soon as you get a dog rough play with it. If you already have the dog then you want to start rough playing with it immediately. It is advisable to play games that get dogs biting. Aggressive play should be encouraged. Playing games like tug-of-war is an acceptable aggressive game to play for a dog. This type of game makes him tough. Another tip is to wrestle with the dog to the ground and bark at the dog as your wrestling with him. Make rough sounds and always let the dog win. Try playing with him as aggressive as possible. Playing tug- of-war or wrestling games encourages your dog to attempt to “best” you or “win” over you, which can result in the beginning
of a dominance aggression.

8. Encourage your dog to attack. Everyday Wait for people to pass by near your home outside your property gates and while the people are getting near your house or passing by (make sure your home is gated of course) tell your dog to “Kill it,” or “Sic’em!” These words can trigger something in a dog and they will indeed do. When dogs are encouraged to “go get ’em” or to bark and dash about in response to outside noises or at the approach of a person, territorial and protective aggressive behavior may be the result.

9. Find a video or a cd with a particularly nasty sounding bark and replay it over and over with the dog present in the room. Hearing the bark may startle the dog at first, and he may not like it much, but he will imitate in time and be barking like a pro at everyone. Pet him when he barks or give him a treat every time he barks at anything. Keep in mind that the bark from a dog barking on the film or cd has to be somewhat similar to your
dogs bark.

10. Deny your dog social interaction. Absolutely under no condition never ever let anyone pet your dog. You are the only one allowed to pet your dog. Avoid petting him on the head. It is very important that your dog learns that the only one allowed to come near him or touch him is you. Don’t let your dog smell other people.

11. If you have visitors coming over to your house and your dog is lose. Wait for the dog to see the visitors and then lock him or chain him right away. Let him know and see that visitors are there so he can become more wild. This creates jealousy within the dog. Do not let your friends or family near the dog.

In Summary

Dogs are social animals. Dogs behaviour long observed has shown that dogs look at their world as related to the pack. Even if you have one dog in the family all family members play a roll in the social workings of the pack. When a dog turns aggressive it has nothing to do with the breed. What makes a dog become aggressive is the environment and people. It’s how the dog is raised and treated.

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