Woman Tells Court how her Husband Stole her Money, Beat her up, and Sent her Out Naked

Woman Tells Court how her Husband Stole her Money, Beat her up, and Sent her Out Naked, Woman Tells Court how her Husband Stole her Money, Beat her up, and Sent her Out Naked, INFINITY LOADED
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Grade A Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria has adjourned till a case to August 8, 2022 for further hearing of the divorce suit brought before it by a woman identified as Taiwo Olayiwola against her husband, Mr. Ganiyu Olayiwola.

Taiwo alleged that her husband, apart from being a thief, was irresponsible, destructive and in the habit of accusing her of adultery.

The plaintiff stated that despite feeding her family from the proceeds from her business, her husband still went ahead to sell her belongings.

She added that he appealed to her to borrow money to pay their last rent with the promise of making a refund to her, but that he reneged in his promise.

Taiwo further said that Ganiyu was a brute and in the habit of beating her, tearing off her clothes and leaving her stark naked.

The plaintiff explained that her husband’s misbehaviour gradually affected her health and turned her into a high blood patient.

According to Taiwo, Ganiyu’s constant neglect of her and their children led to one of their children stealing and soiling the family’s name.

She stated that she moved out of her husband’s house as a result of irreconcilable difference

The plaintiff therefore prayed the court to officially end their union and grant her custody of their three children and mandate him to be responsible for their children’s welfare.

According to her, he wants him to give adequate attention to their feeding, education and health service.

Taiwo further pleaded with the court to return her belongings and make a refund of the money she borrowed on his behalf to pay their rent.

Ganiyu pleaded not liable to the allegations brought against him and refused that his wife divorced him.

Taiwo gave her evidence thus: “My lord, my husband is a brute. I left him because I was tired of his constant beating.

Ganiyu would beat me, tear off my clothes and send me out of the house stark naked.

“Our neighbours had on some occasions come to my rescue by bringing out their wrappers to cover me.

“Any time I ran into any of our neighbours’ apartment when beating me, he would storm into this apartment and destroy their property. Our neighbours as a result started closing their doors against me.

“I had no other choice than to run into the street any time we fought and he would run after me, kicking and hitting me.

“My lord, my husband once attempted to pour acid on me. I would either have been dead or disfigured, but for the timely intervention of people in the neighbourhood.

“I worked round the clock to feed my family and meet other needs because my husband was not responsible. I could take up any job apart from stealing as far as it could fetch me money.

“I hawked goods and trekked long distances every day under the scorching sun. Many times I returned home tired and with swollen feet.

“My husband has no human feeling. Any time he demanded for s*x and I called his attention to the state of my health and pleaded for his understanding, he would start to rave and accuse me of immorality and then beat me.

“I was the one paying our rent for most of the years we lived together. He requested that I borrow money to pay the rent shortly before I moved out of his house with the promise of making a refund to me, but he reneged on his promise.

“Ganiyu constantly neglected me and our children in particular. He failed in his role as a father towards them.

“I solely bear the task of paying our children’s school fees which I find overwhelming.

“My lord, my husband has always been a bad example to our children. He was in the habit of stealing my money and some of my possessions.

“I bought a television set which suddenly disappeared in the home. My husband refused to tell me till date what he did with it.

“He stole my money and handset at a particular time and denied it. He insisted he did not take them even when being interrogated by the police after I reported him.

“I later saw the phone with him a few months after this.

“One of our children unfortunately has taken after my husband. He now steals outside the home thus soiling the family’s name.

“My parents made a lot of efforts in mediating in our differences. They would always advice me to endure the hardship I was going through and this I did for years.

“I packed my belongings and moved out of his house when I realised he was not ready to change. His irrational behaviour was obviously hampering my health and I was not ready to die.

“My lord, my union with my husband has brought me no joy. I want it dissolved.

“I pray the court if my prayer was answered to grant me custody of our three children, but make him responsible for their wellbeing.”

According to her, he must give importance to their feeding, education and health service.

Ganiyat also entreated the court to order him to pay the money he owns her.

The plaintiff further requested that the court rule that he returned her property he took away from home, namely her television set and handset.

Ganiyat added that the court restrain him from coming to fight her in her place of abode or work place.

Ruling, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo after she had heard the plaintiff adjourned the case.

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