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Malam Salihu Moh Mustapha, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) National Working Committee (NWC) and National Vice Chairman, Northwest, has claimed that most NWC decisions have gone unimplemented because the party’s National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, has refused to implement them.

He accused Adamu of using President Muhammadu Buhari as a scapegoat for the former’s failure to advance the screening of the party’s presidential candidates.

The crack in the party’s highest administrative organ was contained in a letter by Salihu to the party’s National chairman.

Salihu wrote, “The big challenge is ensuring that decisions taken are faithfully implemented.

“The inability of previous leadership under His Excellency, Adams Oshiomhole and His Excellency, Mai Mala Buni, to implement decisions taken was partly responsible for the leadership crisis that confronted the party.

“Under your leadership, the current NWC is gradually snowballing into similar circumstances whereby decisions taken are allowed to lay bare and, in some instances, changed without necessarily taking needed steps to carry members along.

“No doubt, given all the challenges inherited and coming at a time when it’s extremely difficult to control events and almost everything would appear to have been set against the party and its leadership, we need to take every measure to avoid past pitfalls.

“Perhaps, it is important to acknowledge that, as National chairman, you have raised the expectations of many of us in the NWC, and by extension many party leaders.

“For instance, the whole idea of setting up a transition committee, which took stock of what we have inherited, was your singular initiative,” he said.

While admitting that he could not blame Adamu for some noticeable lapses, Salihu stated that he found it unacceptable that there are over 200 workers in the secretariat without letters of employment and visible means of identification.

This was in response to his concerns that some alleged liabilities had been incurred as a result of legal disputes handled without valid contracts.

He added, “The report of the comittee was, to say the least, very shocking. Apart from the fact that there were more than 200 employees in the party’s National secretariat, most of whom were without valid letters of employment, there were no standardised conditions of service.

“Statutory requirements for taxations, pensions and insurance benefits as provided by relevant labour laws are not being respected.

“There were claims by legal firms about liability owed for legal cases handled without valid contracts.

“All these were partly responsible for why many of the party’s bank accounts were blocked by subsisting court judgments, most of which copies are not available at the National secretariat, which with your guidance the party’s legal department is able to resolve.

“Partly based on your recommendations and insistence, to reform the secretariat, the NWC decided to send all the Directors on leave pending the outcome of our investigation.

“It is clear to every discerning member of the NWC that many of the directors, if not all, would have to go.

“It is also clear that apart from the directors, there are many workers in the secretariat that should go.

“However, as important and laudable as these decisions would appear to be, it is inadequate if it is not matched with initiatives to standardise operational practices in the National secretariat, especially in terms of ensuring that employment requirement conforms with extant labour laws.

“As the ruling party, this must be guaranteed.

“As things are, we have suspended every initiative to reform the secretariat, understandably so, given all the challenges of meeting deadlines for electing party candidates for 2023 general election.

“The danger is that what we inherited will soon become the acceptable practice and new Directors and workers would be employed without any commitment to meeting provisions of the law with respect to employment standards.

“The other challenge is how as NWC we seem to be handling very critical responsibilities of managing affairs of the party very casually,” Salihu added.

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